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Images Research Guide

Artstor Help Guide

Searching for images remains mostly the same as before the update. There is a search box on the home page in the upper left side. Beyond the home page, the search box can be found in the upper center of the page.

The big change is that you can now search within your search results. On any search results page, next to the search box, you’ll see a checkbox that reads Search within results Checking this box and then entering a new word or words in the search box will perform that search within your current results. You can keep adding terms to narrow down your results and find the images you need.

Filtering Search Results

The options for filtering your search results are also mostly the same, but are much cleaner and easier to use. On any search results page, along the left hand side you will see the Filtered Search column. There you can filter your results:

  • by Collection Type (if for instance want to just see the images that we have uploaded into SAIC Collections)
  • by Classification (broad genre types like Architecture or Paintings)
  • by Geography (broad geographic regions)
  • by Date (you can enter a start and end year to view by date range)

Once you have applied a filter you can remove it by clicking the X next to the now highlighted term. You can add or remove several filters at a time, as long as they apply to material in the results.

Artstor Help Guide

Artstor no longer uses a pop-up window to allow you to view and explore a full size image. When you find an image that you wish to view in your search results just click the thumbnail once and Artstor will go to a new page with the image viewer and the metadata viewer built in.

On the right hand side you will see the image and tools for exploring it.

  • By default your cursor will let you move the image around (the arrow/cross icon)
  • To the upper left of the image you’ll see four icons to let you further explore (if you don’t see them, simply move your mouse over the image and they’ll appear)
  • The magnifying glass with the + will magnify the image.
  • The magnifying glass with the - will reduce it in size
  • The box with the X in the middle will center and revert the image to its original size.
  • The two diagonal arrows will take you to a full screen viewer that shows just the image with a black background.
  • NOTE: The "Save Detail" feature, which allowed you to save a portion of an image and which many have used to add an image to a group more than once, is not currently available. I have spoken to ArtStor and they say they hope to have it back early this fall.

Along the right-hand side of the page you’ll see the full metadata for the image as well as some action links.

Link will provide you with a URL that will link directly back to this image. You can email this link or paste it into a web page.

  • Download will download a full resolution copy of the image. Your first download in a session will bring up the "Terms and Conditions of Use" window, but after that downloads will begin immediately.
  • Print will open up a new page with a medium view of the image and its metadata on a clean background so that the information can be printed.
  • The + button will allow you to add the image to an image group (more on this in a minute)

Two Final Things About This Page

  1. You will see < and > icons next to the name of the image at the top of the page. Clicking on these will navigating you to the next or previous image in your search results.
  2. The Back to Results link at the upper left will take you back to the search results that brought you to this image. It will take you back to the results even if you have navigated forward or backward in the search results.

Artstor Help Guide

The main area I am sure most of you are worried about are your Image Groups. How to access them, how to add images to them, how to download them, etc.

Getting To Your Image Groups

From the home page there are two ways to get to the list of Image Groups, including yours:

  1. On the left-hand side of the page under Browse you will see a link for Image Groups. Clicking this will bring you to the Image Groups page which brings together several of the options from the previous version of Artstor.
  2. You can get to this same page from the Browse menu at the top of the page, by selecting Image Groups from the drop-down
Image Groups Page

At the top of the Image Groups page you’ll see a row of 5 links next to the heading Browse By. These are the main categories of image groups, along with a search option.

  1. Institutional are the image groups that are available for viewing by anyone at SAIC. This is the same category that you were able to put image groups in previously when you wanted to share them with your class or with the whole school. This will include groups you have created as well as groups created by other staff, faculty, or students.
  2. Private are the image groups that you have created but have not made public.
  3. Artstor Curated are image groups created by Artstor by category or artist.
  4. Shared With Me are private image groups created by another SAIC community member that you have been given specific permission to view.
  5. Search lets you search image groups by keyword, along with filtering the results by the previous four categories.

Image groups are displayed in the same fashion in all five categories. Let's examine Private:

  • Image Groups are no longer organized in Folders, but that same terminology is now Tags.
  • On the right-hand side you’ll see a list of all available image groups, organized alphabetically, along with arrows to navigate page by page if you have a large number of groups.
  • On the left-hand side you’ll see your tags. Your current tags are based on the names of the folders that you had your image groups in previously.
  • Clicking on any tag will filter the list to just those groups that have that tag applied to them (note that you can have multiple tags applied to a single image group).
  • Clicking on the name of the image group will take you to that group.

Artstor Video Guide | Artstor Help Guide

When you are viewing one of your image groups, you’ll see the familiar thumbnail view of search results and previous installations. At the top of the images you’ll see the name of the group and to the right you’ll see a list of the applied tags and a description, if you created one. You can view and browse through the images as described previously from search results.

Editing your group will be a little different than before:

  • If you want to reorder the images in the group, click the Reorder link at the top of the thumbnails. When that is selected you can move the images around in their order by dragging the thumbnails. You can then either Save Order to save your changes or Cancel Reorder to return to the main view.
  • If you wish to edit the name, description, tags, or permissions of an image group go to the top Organize menu and select Edit Image Group Info from the drop-down menu.
  • In this window you can edit the title or description in their respective text boxes.
  • You can change permissions from This Institution (to allow viewing by all SAIC community) or Only Me (to keep it private)
  • And you can add whatever text tags you want to keep help you organize and identify the image group.
  • NOTE: I recommend adding your name as one of the tags, especially if you are going to make it public. Public groups may also want the name of your class or other identifiers to help students find it.

The Select link above the thumbnails will allow you to select individual images for either download or reorder.


Video Guide | Artstor Help: Download To Power Point | Artstor Help: Download As Zip File

The Download link is how you will download the images in your group, either as a folder of images or a Power Point presentation.

  1. Clicking on the text will first bring up the familiar Export/Download Guidelines box that reminds you of the terms of use and how many images you have left to download in a 120 day period. If this number dips just contact me and we’ll be able to reset it.
  2. This navigation window then has three buttons:
    • Cancel will return you to the Image Group screen
    • Download PPT will download the image group as a Power Point presentation. This .pptx file will be saved to your default download location and will be formatted with the same one page to a page/black background/metadata in the notes format that you are familiar with.
    • Download ZIP will download all the images in the image group into a single folder compressed as a zip file (the same as it previously did). It will be saved to your default download location and will automatically unzip if your system is setup to do that. Otherwise just double-click on the icon to unzip. The folder of images will have each image saved as a jpeg along with an html file with the metadata, each image numbered in the order they are in the image group.
  3. You can also download the image group by going to the top Share menu and selecting Download Image Group from the drop-down.

Artstor Help Guide

As mentioned earlier, you can add images to an image group from both the Full Image page and the Search Results/Image Group page. 

Adding From Full Image Page

When on the Full Image page, if you want to add the current image to an image group click the orange + button above the metadata on the right-hand side of the page.

  • An Add Image to Group navigation window will open.
  • From here you can Create a new group with image which will take you to the Create New Image Group window. Here you can name the group, describe it, etc. (the same window as the Edit Image Group Info window mentioned earlier).
  • To add to an existing group, you can either start to type in the text box, and it will try to match the text to an existing group of yours, or select one from the dropdown that appears.
  • Click Save Changes to save the image to the group.
  • You will now have the option to either Go To Group to view that image group you just added to, or Return, which will take you back to the Full Image Page.
Adding From Search Results

If you are on a search results page, or any image group page, and you want to add one or a selection of images to a group you can do this using the Select button and the Organize menu item.

  • Clicking Select will let you click to select any single, or multiple, thumbnails on the page that you wish to add to a group.
  • When you have selected the images you wish to add go up to the Organize menu and select either Save Selections to New Image Group or Save Selections to Existing Image Group and proceed as above.
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