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AIADO | HPres Research Guide

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Most design education and design publications (both academic and popular) are centered in Europe and North America, which presents challenges to finding compelling and inspiring materials from other parts of the world. This guide was curated by Designed Objects faculty and Flaxman librarians. It is a non-exhaustive list to help folks learn, explore, and investigate resources that begin to broaden the scope outside Western-focused materials. Are there resources you would like to see included? We welcome you to email to suggest additions.


Databases & Websites

This section is a selection of resources to explore a wide range of topics. After checking these out, the sections below have resources to help you dig deeper.

Books & Book Chapters

Print & eBooks

Book Chapters

Journals & Articles

Magazines & Journals



Collections + Guides + Other Resources

Below you will find resources and guides compiled by design groups, educators and university libraries. The SAIC community will have access to any free resources on these sited, but not those that we do no license.