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Student Guide for Remote Learning + Making

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Dear Students,

We have been thinking a great deal about all of you. Our first thought is for your physical and mental well-being. We hope that you are all safe and sound.  

In this library guide you will find various resources that may assist in the different courses you are in. This includes resources for making an at home studio, writing from home, working with wood, doing shop projects at home, producing video at home, 3D printing at home, and much more. This is, as you can see, an evolving and living resource. Just as you do in face-to-face classes, please share insights and resources as you come across them. The resources presented here are a ‘work-in-progress,’ and meant to assist everyone across SAIC - undergrads, grads, and post-baccalaureate - to navigate this new and temporary context moment of on-line learning. 

Our time has been consumed, since we last saw one another, thinking about how, with the unavoidable loss of the studio and the classroom, SAIC faculty can pivot our teaching to an online setting. We have created a number of resources and tools to help you, as students, adjust to learning remotely. None of these resources replace what we have, or have known, but we have approached them with a desire to find ways of connecting with one another - ways of sharing our work and insights with each other - that address the specific challenges of our new, if temporary, context.

Part of this work has been trying to think carefully about the unique circumstances each one of you are facing at the moment. These realities include:

  • You and your classmates are spread throughout the world, and are living in time zones significantly different from Chicago.
  • You may have temporarily lost the studio, work spaces, equipment, and high speed internet that you had on campus, and are dealing with different working and study conditions.
  • Your schedule has now radically changed, and your work patterns may be disrupted.
  • You may be facing new economic realities and hardships due to job loss.
  • You may be living in conditions that are unstable and unsupportive of your creative practice and personal identity.
  • You and your classmates are grappling with increased levels of anxiety and distraction.

We are mindful of how these and other challenges interrupt your plans at an extremely important time in your lives.  As students at SAIC, you have dedicated yourself to thinking about, expanding, and fine-tuning your practice.  This is a time when it is vitally important to be around others who care about creative work in the way that you do, and who are also interested in trying new things.  We are committed to looking at every way we can to create 'a digital analog' for the generative place of learning that the studio classroom aspires to be, finding ways that we can see this time not just as the loss of things we had looked forward to, but also as a time we use to construct new and unique ways of making and sharing our work with one another.  We are finding our way through this together. Our hope is that we can, as faculty and students, come together during this pandemic to care for one another, and creatively rise to the challenges that we are facing together. Please maintain contact with us, your faculty, and let us know how we can continue to support your creative and scholarly practices until we are able to return to campus.

In solidarity,
Your SAIC Faculty

Thank you to Adam Greteman, Alie n Steve Mullen, Jim TerMeer, Tom Burtonwood, and Rebecca Keller for writing this letter.