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Student Guide for Remote Learning + Making

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Technology Tips

Canvas Training
  • Canvas Student Orientation: Get a quick introduction to Canvas by clicking the bold link here or by clicking on the 'Help' button anytime in the navigation bar in Canvas.
Zoom Training
  • Visit Zoom's Help Center for video tutorials and specific guidance using Zoom. Below we've included some anticipated FAQ questions with links to specific videos for fast reference as well.
Video Meeting Tips
  • Prepare to join early in case you experience any tech issues (or you can test your audio / video with the Zoom application in advance)
  • Mute your mic when you aren't speaking to avoid cross-noise.
  • Assume you are always on camera and conduct yourself accordingly.
  • Remember that chats (even if it says 'privately') in Zoom can be viewed by the meeting host.
  • Communicate with your instructor ASAP if you are experiencing technical issues.

How Do I Use Canvas / Zoom?

How do I...



Post on a Canvas discussion board

Review the Canvas Student Guide, How do I reply to a discussion as a student?, for instructions. 

Add other things to my Canvas discussion posts? (i.e. images, videos, files)

Review the Posting Images, Video, or Audio Files to a Discussion or a Text Entry Assignment Submission guide in Canvas for detailed instructions.

Submit my assignments in Canvas

Review these pages from the Canvas Student Guide for in-depth instructions:‚Äč
How do I view Assignments as a student?
How do I submit an online assignment?
How do I upload a file as an assignment submission in Canvas?

See my grades and instructor feedback in Canvas

Review these pages from the Canvas Student Guide for in-depth instructions: 
How do I view my grades in a current course?
How do I know when my instructor has graded my assignment?
How do I view assignment comments from my instructor?

Download the Zoom application

You can download the Zoom application through your mobile app store if you're using a smartphone or tablet, or by going to if you are using a computer.

Join a Zoom meeting

Watch Zoom's Join a Meeting video for a brief walkthrough of how to join a Zoom meeting.