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Center for Teaching and Learning Research Guide: Trauma Informed Pedagogy

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Welcome to the Center for Teaching and Learning's Trauma Informed Pedagogy Research Guide. Trauma Informed Pedagogy equips educators with research and resources that respond to students and faculty living with the effects of trauma. 

Trauma interrupts our cognitive and emotional faculties. This is one of the reasons why students and faculty may exhibit signs of being triggered by course content, or may struggle to stay attentive or engaged in class. It is possible that they may be suffering and do not have access to the support they need to begin healing. Trauma does not exclusively refer to a specific event or circumstance; instead, it can be inherited and generational.

But we can develop the awareness to become empathic educators. Please consult this guide to learn more about Trauma Informed Pedagogy and contact the Center for Teaching and Learning to discuss how this approach can bear on your teaching. We look forward to working with you as you adopt and integrate trauma informed pedagogical practices into your teaching and course design.

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