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John M. Flaxman Library SAIC School of the Art Institute of Chicago

How to Submit or Find an SAIC Thesis or Grad Project

All questions about formatting your thesis should be directed to your thesis advisor/program director.

Beginning Spring 2019

As of Spring 2019, all theses will be submitted digitally through Canvas. Your program will enroll you in a thesis submission course for your cohort where you will be asked to fill out an online thesis submission worksheet form and upload your PDF plus any supplementary files or links. You are still required to provide a title page and abstract. Check Canvas during the semester when your thesis is due for the course; contact your program if you are not enrolled.

A Note About Publishing


How do I publish my thesis?
Please be wary of any publisher who pops up out of the blue and offers, sight unseen, to publish your thesis. Every year a number of our graduates report being approached by "publishers" eagerly seeking unevaluated theses to "publish" for the "international market." Before you sign away any (or all) of your rights or pay fees, read their contract carefully.

Writers and artists are encouraged to pursue publication opportunities that you yourself initiate with presses, journals, or sites you recognize and admire. SAIC librarians are available to help you research publishers and publishing.

Additional Resources for Publishing


Other questions?

Please contact us at or 312-899-5096.