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John M. Flaxman Library SAIC School of the Art Institute of Chicago

How to Submit or Find an SAIC Thesis or Grad Project

Finding an SAIC thesis in the Flaxman Library

The library catalog is a great place to start because all SAIC theses are represented there, both print and digital copies.  Prior to 2013, all SAIC theses submitted are in physical format. After that, most theses are represented by a digital copy found in the SAIC Thesis Repository. See the link below for finding theses in the main library, special collections or the digital thesis repository. You can always ask a librarian at if you need assistance.

Search the catalog

Pro Tip: Search for the author's name or topic. Then look for Resource Type (facets on the left column) and select Dissertations to limit to theses in the Flaxman Library.

Search the SAIC Thesis Repository

Since 2013, SAIC theses have been digitized and are archived as a digital object. You can find them by using the link below and selecting degree or program in the facets on the left column.

Find older SAIC thesis abstracts

Prior to the policy of digitizing our theses, SAIC published books to highlight the theses of graduate students who were currently enrolled in programs that required a written thesis. Below you'll find links to those books in the Flaxman Library.