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John M. Flaxman Library SAIC School of the Art Institute of Chicago

Library Search Help Guide

Renew Flaxman or I-Share materials

  1. Select the Library Account tab on the library homepage

  2. Select and enter your ARTIC username and password

  3. From here you will be able to see Flaxman items that are checked out, items that are overdue, as well as renew items

  4. You can renew Flaxman Library items from there

  5. I-Share items are in a different place: in the left column look for All Institutions

  6. Change All Institutions to Has Activity (this limits to those libraries where you have items due)

  7. Every library where you have items checked out are listed there. Click on each library to see the items checked out that now appear in the middle of the page. You should be able to renew from there.

  8. If it says you cannot renew, you will have to return the item or contact that library to ask if they will renew it for you. I-Share library contacts can be found here.