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Learn & Unlearn: Anti-racism Resource Guide

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The Historical Context series provides information about how racism has been constructed and maintained through history. In order to be effective in anti-racism work, it’s important to understand the origins of present day issues. The conflicts that plague society today are not new. In fact, the same issues of racism have been long-standing. To be effective, we must use the past to inform our actions today and avoid repeating the mistakes we’ve made.

As with every lesson, the multimedia content is meant to serve as a starting point for the necessary work we must do if we want to effectively dismantle systems of racism. The resources listed here alone, will not make you an expert. For meaningful and effective change we must continually deepen our awareness: utilize other resources to build competence, seek resources for guidance on how to be effective in anti-racism work, and stay informed on the issues that continue to affect Black, Brown, Indigenous, and people of color.

Use these links or the sidebar navigation to explore the lessons in this series: