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Learn & Unlearn: Anti-racism Resource Guide

Lesson 3: Social Wellness

Original post on @saic.maffairs posted 12/20/2020.

Foundation: Wellness

What does it mean to be well, socially?

Social wellness is part of our holistic wellness, and is our relationships and interactions with the people around us, (e.g. family, friends, faculty, supervisors or co-workers). “Social wellness involves building healthy, nurturing and supportive relationships as well as fostering a genuine connection with those around you.”1 Our social wellness is essential now in the midst of a pandemic, and is necessary in anti-racist work we mustn’t do alone. While we aren’t able to have face-face interactions, go to places or physically be with each other, this should not discourage us from continuing to make connections with others. 

Did you know that social interactions have many benefits, including increased levels of happiness and a longer lifespan. In the present moment and beyond, our ability to connect with one another will make the difference between surviving and thriving. 


"Right now, the world you are inheriting is locked in a struggle between love and fear. Fear manifests as anger, insecurity, and loneliness. Fear eats away at our society, leaving all of us less whole, so we teach you that every healthy relationship inspires love, not fear. Love shows up as kindness, generosity, and compassion. It is healing. It makes us more whole. The greatest gift to ever receive will come through these relationships. The most meaningful connections may last for a few moments, or for a lifetime, but each will be a reminder that we were meant to be a part of one another's lives, to lift one another up, to reach heights together, greater than any of us could reach on our own.” - Vivek H. Murthy

To Read

To Research

To Listen

To Watch

To Reflect

What aspects of your social life do you enjoy? 
What parts would you like to improve?
How often do you take the time to stay in touch with your friends, family members, colleagues, ect?

To Act

Host a hobby webinar
Swap ‘Youtube videos of the day’
Have a dance party
Host a show-and-tell about something special you own
Have breakfast in bed
Or choose from the many activities on this list.

Use this checklist to help yourself get involved in social activities and connect with others


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