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Learn & Unlearn: Anti-racism Resource Guide

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This guide, initiated on social media, contains a non-exhaustive collection of resources to support your learning and unlearning of racial justice. Use this guide to inform your thoughts, attitudes, behaviors, and involvement in the Black Lives Matter movement in- and beyond our community. The resources listed are intended only to be a starting point for the necessary work we must do if we want to effectively dismantle systemic racialized oppression. For meaningful and effective change, we must continually deepen our awareness, deploy these resources to inform our beliefs and attitudes, recognize our active roles in defeating racism, disrupt the growth of racist ideas, oppose policies that perpetuate racialized oppression, and take personal responsibility for advancing anti-racism and social justice. 

This is a living list and all suggestions as welcome and encouraged. Send any suggestions to

Explore each series of lessons by using these links or the sidebar navigation: