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Remote Learning with Online Library Resources

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Using the Roger Brown Study Collection (RBSC) Off Campus

-What is the Roger Brown Study Collection (RBSC)?-

The Roger Brown Study Collection (RBSC) is an SAIC special collection that exists as an artists’ study collection and archive, preserved intact in a historic house museum setting. The RBSC is an intimate collection with an astonishing range of objects, including works by Chicago Imagists and other contemporary artists, self-taught artists, folk and traditional art from many cultures, objects from material and popular culture, costumes, textiles, furniture, travel souvenirs, and other things Brown surrounded himself with for artistic inspiration.

-Exploring the Collection Off Campus-

Online resources (which appear on the RBSC homepage) include:

-Remote Services: Research + Virtual Classroom Visits-

Remote research visits and virtual classroom visit appointments can be made here.

-Who to Contact-

Any and all questions about the Roger Brown Study Collection, its digital collections, or its remote services can be directed to: