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Remote Learning with Online Library Resources

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(March 17) REDSHELF and VITALSOURCE - major textbook providers have opened up free access for students until the end of term. Refer to their websites for details -- check to see if your texts are available -- these are large providers of textbooks for classes. 

Titles included: Gardner's Art Through the Ages,....

  • Vital Source Access:
    1. Visit Vitalsource’s Bookshelf login page and follow the instructions to create an account. Students must use their institutional email address.

    2. Once they confirm their email, they can sign in and search for books by title, ISBN, author.

    3. When they find the title, just hover over it and click ‘borrow’. Users can borrow up to 7 titles.

Materials provided to us by Professor David J. Getsy

A selection of hard-to-find and out-of-print catalogues, books, and texts by other authors.

[Additionally, the majority of Getsy's essays are available for download as PDFs here.]