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Remote Learning with Online Library Resources

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-Off-Campus Access & OpenAthens-

The easiest way to access and share electronic library resources from off-campus is to use the library website (see the sections below for how best to do this). You will be prompted to sign in using your ARTIC login when you connect to a database, ejournal, article, ebook, streaming video, etc. through this method. We use a product called OpenAthens (which replaced EZProxy in June 2021) to create these connections. If you have an existing link that contains ‘’ you will need to change it to an OpenAthens link. See instructions for "Linking to ebooks, ejournals, articles" below.  


Permalinks are the easiest way to link to library resources in Canvas, reading lists, websites, and email. A permalink is a URL or web address that will consistently point to a specific library resource such as an article, ebook, ejournal, streaming video, database, or record in a database.

Why use permalinks:

  • URLs or links in the address bar of your browser may be session-based or search-based and not work when copied and used another time.
  • Linking to licensed library resources in Canvas is copyright compliant. Linking is recommended over posting digital copies of full articles or chapters.
  • Linking allows library use to be counted. We gather usage statistics and consider usage when making decisions about journal or database cancellations.

-Linking to Ebooks, Ejournals, Articles-

Start from the Library homepage and use the Library Search box to search for the resource. (See our How to Find Resources guide for instructions on using library resources by type.) After you find the resource you need, click on the name to see the description. Look for the Permalink button under the resource's information, click and copy.


If you are searching within a library database and want to link to a database record for an article or book, look for a permalink, stable URL, or a share link. Most databases provide a link that will bring you back to the record in the database.

-Linking to Streaming Video-

Below are details for linking to specific streaming video services and databases.

Share or Embed link

  • For videos from: Artfilms, Kanopy, Panopto, Swank
  • Use the Share or Embed feature within each database to get a shareable link
  • On the page for the specific video, click the Share link or symbol share icon
  • Or choose Embed if you want code to paste into a Canvas course
  • Copy the link

OpenAthens Link Generator

  • For videos from: Alexander Street, Criterion Pictures,, Docuseek2, EAI, OnArchitecture,
  • Use the OpenAthens Link Generator
  • Copy the URL from the address bar of your browse (for these databases, it’s okay, really!)
  • NOTE: for Alexander Street and Docuseek2, there is a permalink option that doesn't include the OpenAthens code; use that permalink in the OpenAthens Link Generator to create a link that prompts for the ARTIC login. If you share the link as is, you will be prompted to search for School of the Art Institute on the Docuseek2 login page.

Flaxman Catalog Permalink

  • If a streaming video is in the Flaxman Catalog or Library Search, use the permalink to the catalog record.
  • See the Linking to Ebooks, Ejournals, Articles instructions above for details.