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Faculty Guide for Online Teaching

.Web & Video Conferencing Use Cases.

Web Conference/ Webinars are a form of communication where there is a designated host or presenter and there is no attendee/ participant interaction or it is limited to chat based Q&A and/or polls, etc... 

Online Meeting/ Video Conference are collaborative in nature, where 2-way communication between participants is available or required.

*Recorded content that can be used for institutional instruction, training or marketing should be stored in Panopto

Key Preferred Platform Secondary Platform Tertiary Platforn
*Order of preferences may vary depending on the details of specific use case, such as number of attendees or if the event is Public or Private.
Category Types Zoom Webinar Zoom Google Meet Google Meet Live YouTube Live Panopto
Web Conference/ Webinar
Panel Discussion
Guest or Visiting Lecturer
Town Hall Meeting
Live Performances
Screenings with Live Commentary
Demonstrations/ Presentations/ Tours
Online Meeting/ Video Conference
Class Lecture/ Seminar
Collaboration / Workshops/ Trainings
Staff/ Team meeting
Archival Institutional footage