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Faculty Guide for Online Teaching

Disability and Learning Resource Center (DLRC)
The DLRC is to support a universally accessible educational community that fosters full participation and contribution of every member. 

All DLRC staff are currently available for in-person and remote meetings to support both students and faculty. Email is our primary mode of contact, our contact information is as follows: 

For more on the DLRC's Services, check out their website!

.Adjustments to Accommodations 

Online instruction may result in a need to modify students’ accommodations. We should not assume that students will require the same accommodations in an online format as was needed in an in-person classroom. The barriers that exist at the intersection of disability and course design may no longer exist or may be different from the original course format. Thus, some accommodations not considered before may need to be considered now.

Students have been notified that if they think their accommodations will need to be modified they should contact the DLRC as soon as possible.

*The following links are meant to be resources for you but please know that the DLRC continues to be available to you as well.