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Faculty Guide for Online Teaching

The disruption of that experience in our present circumstance can be seen as an opportunity for all of us, especially those of us not inclined toward the digital, to learn to navigate the online experience with a determination to create community, necessarily different, but perhaps surprising in the ways we find that we can build connection. What is important is demonstrating to our students that we are experimenting with the tools we have on hand, looking for new ways of creating interactions that allow for the exchange of unexpected ideas, and for ways that our students can feel like they are seen and heard. Below is a faculty driven videos about creating community, which is a part of series in around specific pedagogical topics. We will be hosting online faculty gatherings to share ideas and strategies. As you stumble across things that work, please share them in the conversation posted here-- Allie n Steve Mullen, SAIC Associate Professor, Adjunct


 building community in a hybrid teaching model video

.Recommended Reading.

"How to Build an Online Learning Community: 6 Theses", by Jesse Stommel, Digital Studies at University of Mary Washington. Accessed May 19, 2020.

"Building Community", (Link from Flaxman ebook) from Small Teaching Online : Applying Learning Science in Online Classes, by Darby Flowers and James M. Lang