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Faculty Guide for Online Teaching

.Department Specific Ideas.

Click here for all department resources that have already been submitted and organized!

Do you have resources you've created or come across to share with the SAIC Community? Submit them and tag any department using this Google Form!

  • Note: You will need to access these materials while logged in with your SAIC email account. Please email with questions about this.

.Tips Using Google Sheets.

  • Problem: "The text is cut off and I can't see all of the information"
    • Click on the cell (the box around the text) containing the text you want to read, above it there is a box next to the fx symbol containing the full text. You can read it in that space.
      Google Sheet Screenshot
  • Problem: "I can't make changes to the Form Responses Google Sheet"
    • The sheet is set to 'view only' permissions, so editing is not an option. If changes are needed, please contact​.

.Tips for Navigating Content - How to Use Filters.

Each department's folder has a Google Sheet (which is similar to an Excel Spreadsheet) containing a list of all departmental resources submitted titled, 'Form Responses.' It is best to use the 'Form Responses' Google Sheets to navigate the content. Everything will be listed and tagged on that spreadsheet, and will have a link to the resource itself.

Filtering the Google Sheet
Rather than looking at everything available, you can refine the list to find relevant resources using filters in Google Sheets. Follow these steps:

  1. Click the link for all folders or a specific department above
  2. Once in a department folder, open the 'Form Responses' Google Sheet
  3. Underneath the title of the document and next to the printer icon, you'll see a filter icon
  4. Click it and choose "Create new temporary filter view"
    Google Sheet Screenshot
  5. Once the filters are on, you will see a grey border around the sheet and filter icons (upside-down dashed triangle) next to each column title
    Google Sheet Screenshot
  6. If you click the filter icon, you'll see a number of preset sorting and filtering options. More importantly, all of the options in that column will appear with check marks next to them.
    Google Sheets Screenshot
  7. To only see a specific option available (for instance, if you wanted to see all lectures on the sheet), uncheck all of the other options so that only that one appears with a check mark. You can also see multiple options by leaving more checked.
  8. Click 'Done' once everything you want to see in that category has a  check mark next to it
  9. Once you've applied a filter, a new icon will appear next to the column title indicating that a filter was applied and you should only see relevant results to your filter
    Google Sheet Screenshot
  10. You can apply multiple filters to multiple columns using the same method (they will still have the filter icon you can click to make selections)
  11. To remove the filters and see everything on the sheet again, click the filter icon under the title again and choose 'None'
    Google Sheet Screenshot
  12. The grey border will be removed, and you'll be able to see all content again