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Faculty Guide for Online Teaching

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"Adjust accordingly. We need to be human first, professor second.  We need to design as humans for humans in a global crisis. We need to design our courses with the awareness of pain, dislocation, uncertainty, and trauma now central to all our lives.  It's a lot to ask. It is the one and only essential as we design our courses for this disrupted fall. Beginning by addressing students where they are now, at this historical moment, means providing a space and structure where they can think powerfully about themselves and the world beyond this plague, beyond trauma. It does what the best education is designed to do: it offers students a tool that helps them be stronger in the present and build towards their own and society's better future." -- from "The Single Most Essential Requirement in Designing a Fall Online Course" by Cathy Davidson.

.SAIC Specific Guidelines,

All faculty member have access to the Fall 2022 Teaching Guide. The following materials have been developed to support you as you plan your curriculum for. Having issues accessing the Teaching Guide? Email

.General Considerations.

Generating a set of reminders that we are “human first,” that we may need to adjust expectations accordingly to consider the additional realities that we are facing AND recognize this as not only a challenge, but a new opportunity to experiment with our pedagogies and relationships with students.

.Librarian Recommended  Readings,