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Faculty Guide for Online Teaching

A Note on Technology.


For SAIC faculty, Canvas is our primary means of managing classes and communication with our students. Canvas is a robust tool for course management and learning. It can provide excellent ways of organizing and presenting our course materials to students. As is the case with modified in-person classes, we will each employ these tools to organize and present course materials in different and unique ways, both now and in the future.

While we all have used Canvas to varying degrees, Canvas now represents the venue within which we will be conducting classes and interacting with our students.  There are some ways that we can adapt, quite easily, our face-to-face classroom instruction to an online format using Canvas. There are also ways in which the technology might suggest different techniques and approaches in this unique and challenging time. 

There are online tools which will enrich the way we teach when we return to the studio and the classroom. So, please remember that while this is a unique moment when we are all grappling with diverse challenges, it is also a moment that can present new learning and teaching insights/practices to emerge.

On the left side menu you will see guides to instructional resources provided by the CRIT team to guide us each in utilizing it for our own purposes.

-- Thanks to:
Allie n Steve Mullen, SAIC Associate Professor, Adjunct for this language

Adam J. Greteman, Ph.D., Director, Master of Arts in Teaching (MAT) and Assistant Professor for this language.