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Visiting Artists Program (VAP) Resource Guides


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The Visiting Artists Program resource guides contain upcoming speakers' biographies, articles, video and audio content, related publications in the Flaxman Library, and additional online resources. These guides may be used in the classroom in preparation for the event, research, or post-lecture discussion.

Meg Onli: Tuesday, March 16, 6:30–7:45 p.m. CT
Click here to join via Zoom, Passcode: SAICVAP
This event will be live captioned by CART.

Join us live for a virtual lecture by curator Meg Onli followed by an audience Q&A.


Photographic Portrait of Meg OnilMeg Onli (BFA 2008) is the Andrea B. Laporte Associate Curator at the Institute of Contemporary Art at the University of Pennsylvania in Philadelphia. She has curated the exhibitions Speech/Acts (2017) and Colored People Time (2019). Onli is the recipient of a 2012 Creative Capital Andy | Warhol Foundation Arts Writers Grant; a 2014 Graham Foundation grant; a 2019 Transformation Award from the Leeway Foundation; and is currently a Warhol Foundation curatorial fellow. In the summer of 2020, she founded the initiative Art for Philadelphia, which raised more than $100,000 for community-led abolitionist organizations. Currently, Onli is working on the solo exhibition Jessica Vaughn: Our Primary Focus is to be Successful (2021); co-curating with Erin Christovale a retrospective of Ulysses Jenkins’s work, Ulysses Jenkins: Without Your Interpretation (2021); and is a visiting professor at Williams College.

Presented in partnership with SAIC Alumni Relations.

Portrait credit: Meg Onli. Photo: Marcus Maddox.


Artists, Curators, and Dealers Launch Initiatives to Support Black Lives Matter Movement
Alex Greenberger | ARTnews | June 3, 2020

'Colored People Time' Confronts How Blacks Navigate Race Each Day
Cristela Guerra | WBUR | February 17, 2020

In “Banal Presents,” Three Black Artists Intervene in Vast Social Institutions, from the Prison System to Education
Tiana Reid | Art in America | December 19, 2019

The Everyday Manifestations of Colonialism’s Legacy    
Olivia Jia | Hyperallergic | December 3, 2019

Colored People Time: Quotidian Pasts
Devin Malone | Brooklyn Rail | August 11, 2019

About Time: Huey Copeland in conversation with Meg Onli*
Huey Copeland and Meg Onli | Artforum | May 2019
*This is a library resource that requires ARTIC login

Curator Meg Onli Considers the Potential of Black Futures with a Trilogy-based Exhibition
Kat Herriman | Cultured | February 9, 2019



Jessica Vaughn: Our Primary Focus Is to Be Successful
Organized by Meg Onli, Our Primary Focus Is to Be Successful, presents new and recent work by Jessica Vaughn, an artist that examines the everyday systems that dictate our understanding of labor, space, and inclusion. 

Ulysses Jenkins: Without Your Interpretation
Co-curated by Meg Onli and Erin Christovale, Ulysses Jenkins: Without Your Interpretation, is the first major retrospective on the work of pioneering video/performance artist Ulysses Jenkin.

Colored People Time: Mundane Futures    
Organized by Meg Onli, Colored People Time used the black vernacular phrase “Colored People’s Time” (CPT) to explore the ways that dominant notions of time have been used to control and condemn black people across times and spaces. Mundane Futures, the first chapter of the exhibition, aims to develop a discourse around the future of black cultural production.

Colored People Time: Quotidian Pasts
Quotidian Pasts, the second chapter of the Colored People Time exhibition, reconsiders the trafficking of blackness through the colonial practices of collecting, commodifying, and exhibiting people and objects from the African continent. 

Colored People Time: Banal Presents
Banal Presents, the third chapter of the Colored People Time exhibition, stages a conversation between the artists Carolyn Lazard, Cameron Rowland, and Sable Elyse Smith.

Art for Philadelphia
Founded by Meg Onli, Art for Philadelphia raises funds for community-led abolitionist organizations through the sale of limited-edition artist prints. 

Organized by Meg Onli, Speech/Acts explores experimental black poetry and how the social and cultural constructs of language have shaped black American experiences.

The Racial Imaginary Institute 
Meg Onli is a part of the Curatorial Team of the Racial Imaginary Institute. 

Visiting Artists Program Lecture Recordings from the Archive
SAIC Visiting Artists Program video and audio lecture recordings (1977–present.) Available with SAIC login credentials.

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SAIC Visiting Artists Program publicity archive and audio recordings (1977-98).